S5 E3: There is No More Normal, New or Otherwise

S5 Ep 3: COVID and Moms – we are the “real” victims of this shit show (link) #covid19 #covid #lockdowns #parenting #parentingporcupines #libertarian #libertarianmoms #libertarianparents #libertarianparenting #momlife #momtourage #SCPolitics COVID is still a thing and yet I’m always a little startled when someone says they’ve tested positive or that they’ve been exposed. Sometime back inContinue reading “S5 E3: There is No More Normal, New or Otherwise”

S4 E6: The Sisterhood of Motherhood

main idea: how we support one another and why. How collaborative approaches foster a sense of community and create villages for our kids. However rewarding, being a mom can at times feel overwhelming. Kids don’t come with instructions, but they do each come with their own unique and individual personalities. Navigating parenting challenges can atContinue reading “S4 E6: The Sisterhood of Motherhood”

S4 E5: Founding Motherhood

main idea: spinoff of the “Founding Fatherhood” series. Discussion about women’s roles in the American Revolution As we were planning our episodes to celebrate Women’s History Month we wanted to devote one episode to our “Founding Mothers”. We hear a lot about the Founding Fathers, but we usually do not hear about the women whoContinue reading “S4 E5: Founding Motherhood”

S4 E4: What’s Good for the Goose Should be Good for the Gander

main idea: double standards created by “gender roles” and stereotypes. This link (and a google search) and you’ll get the gender-neutral definition of the phrase: what is okay for one person to do, should be good for another. But the “goose” is the female and the “gander” is the male, so the real meaning hereContinue reading “S4 E4: What’s Good for the Goose Should be Good for the Gander”

S4 E3: Be Careful Who You Know – Free Association and Generational Privilege

main idea: Murder and Mayhem – A Cautionary Tale in South Carolina (on the three year anniversary of the death of Mallory Beach, what lessons have we learned about wealth and privilege, and how are we using this story to teach our children to choose their friends carefully) Unless you have been living under aContinue reading “S4 E3: Be Careful Who You Know – Free Association and Generational Privilege”

S3E7 Founding Fatherhood part 2 Rewriting History

main idea: How to teach children the truth (good and bad) about our founding fathers, and how to teach them about Liberty.  If you have never heard the story about how Kasie and Jessica became friends, here is the Cliff’s Notes version: The two embarked upon the journey that was the 2020 Libertarian Party NationalContinue reading “S3E7 Founding Fatherhood part 2 Rewriting History”

S3E2: Founding Fatherhood Part 1

In honor of Father’s Day we thought it would be nice to bring on some of our favorite Dads this week to discuss fatherhood, and the importance of father figures in raising liberty-minded kids. Our guests are: Jason Lyon, also known as “Mr. Murica”, host of The Bearded Truth on Muddied Waters Media. Jason has Continue reading “S3E2: Founding Fatherhood Part 1”

S3E1 Crayons, Coloring Books, and Colorblind Parenting pt 2

“Love is Blind” with guest Ashley Shade Notes: Approaches to the discussion of LGBT issues- “Coming Out” and the conversations around gender identity, queerness and one’s own orientation; how young? What should they know and when? (Pt 1 in S1Ep3) As we kick off Season 3 in the middle of Pride Month we thought itContinue reading “S3E1 Crayons, Coloring Books, and Colorblind Parenting pt 2”

S2 E12: There is No Rubric: Becoming a Parent Without Clear Examples

Main Idea: We all want to be “good” parents but how do we know what that means? Link to the podcast Tonight we take on all those insecurities in modern parenthood. Namely: How do you know that you are doing a decent job? Well adjusted, kind, respectful, positive feedback from others.  Do you find yourselfContinue reading “S2 E12: There is No Rubric: Becoming a Parent Without Clear Examples”

S2 E9: Meanest Mom in the Neighborhood

Main Idea: You’re not their friend. You’re their mom. Do the hard work of parenting. Link to the podcast When Hollie was little, I used to send kids home when they asked for food. They could have water and they had to drink it in the kitchen. Sometimes I made popcorn. But they had toContinue reading “S2 E9: Meanest Mom in the Neighborhood”