Show Notes

S2 E11: Let Go & Let Grow

Main idea: Free range parenting is the style we grew up with. So why are people so scadalized by it? From “experiments in independence” to “gross negligence” there are a LOT of ways to see so-called “free range parenting.” In this article for NPR, a certain mom pushes back against haters by reminding them thatContinue reading “S2 E11: Let Go & Let Grow”

S2 E10: The Monsters Under My Bed (and in my head) Part 2

Main Topic: a discussion around supporting our children’s mental health In Season 1, Episode 14, we covered the first part of this conversation which focused on the need for open discussion about Mental Health. If you haven’t watched it you can watch it here. Equally important a discussion is one about how we support our childrenContinue reading “S2 E10: The Monsters Under My Bed (and in my head) Part 2”


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