S5 E4: Murdaugh, Murdaugh, Murdaugh

S5 E4: updates on and speculation about the Murdaugh trial and what it says about media bias, privilege, and South Carolina corruption Hashtags: #parenting #parentingporcupines #libertarian #libertarianmoms #libertarianparents #libertarianparenting #momlife #momtourage #SCPolitics #murdaugh #alexmurdaugh #murdaughtrial #maggiemurdaugh #paulmurdaugh #cousineddie  In Season 4, Ep 3, we talked about the death of Mallory Beach, and how we useContinue reading “S5 E4: Murdaugh, Murdaugh, Murdaugh”

S5 E3: There is No More Normal, New or Otherwise

S5 Ep 3: COVID and Moms – we are the “real” victims of this shit show (link) #covid19 #covid #lockdowns #parenting #parentingporcupines #libertarian #libertarianmoms #libertarianparents #libertarianparenting #momlife #momtourage #SCPolitics COVID is still a thing and yet I’m always a little startled when someone says they’ve tested positive or that they’ve been exposed. Sometime back inContinue reading “S5 E3: There is No More Normal, New or Otherwise”

S5 E2: Don’t Tread on my Uterus

S5 Ep 2: Don’t tread on… my uterus (Why abortion bans are a bad idea) Hashtags: #parenting #parentingporcupines #libertarian #libertarianmoms #libertarianparents #libertarianparenting #momlife #momtourage #SCPolitics South Carolina is one of the States that has been in the news in recent months. With the overturning of Roe v. Wade there were several states who decided thatContinue reading “S5 E2: Don’t Tread on my Uterus”

S5 E1: What we learned from campaigning

S5 Ep 1: Get in the Game pt 2- Post Campaign episode. What we learned.  Hashtags: #parenting #parentingporcupines #libertarian #libertarianmoms #libertarianparents #libertarianparenting #momlife #momtourage #SCPolitics  We spent last summer and fall campaigning for statewide office. What did we learn?  Earned media is more valuable than paid media. But both are hard to get. Branding mattersContinue reading “S5 E1: What we learned from campaigning”

S4 E11: Get in the Game!

main idea: What it’s like becoming a candidate So it’s been a while since we did a live show and that’s because some crazy shit has gone down in the last few weeks. We went to the Libertarian Party national convention in Reno (Kasie and Jess and Melissa’s husband) which was kind of a shitContinue reading “S4 E11: Get in the Game!”

S4 E10: Greedflation and other stupid shit people say about the economy

main idea: How market regulation and manipulation create shortages Over the last couple of months we have seen an unprecedented shortage in baby formula. It is devastating to see it first hand as I (Jessica) have a cousin whose daughter has Rett Syndrome. She is completely disabled and cannot chew, and  there is a veryContinue reading “S4 E10: Greedflation and other stupid shit people say about the economy”

S4 E9: Social Media Hysteria is becoming the new American pastime

Main idea: people being outraged over Elon is just another turn on the hysteria cycle In Season 2, episode 2, way back in January 2021 – holy cow! – we talked about the Crisis Cycle and the way the media has trained us (like monkeys) to get hysterical about specific things for specific reasons. TheContinue reading “S4 E9: Social Media Hysteria is becoming the new American pastime”

S4 E8: Death and Taxes

main idea: capital punishment is trusting the state to make life and death choices for citizens Benjamin Franklin once said “There are only two things certain in life: death and taxes”. With the 2021 tax deadline just behind us in our rearview mirrors it seems fitting to talk about the other certainty, death. Or, moreContinue reading “S4 E8: Death and Taxes”

S4 E7: Jesus was the OG libertarian

main idea: the teachings of love, self- and social-responsibility, rejection of authority, and individual rights are all New Testament Biblical Growing up many of us were taught that there are three things you don’t discuss in mixed company: 1. Politics, 2. Religion, and 3. Football. Living in the Social Media age, those are no longerContinue reading “S4 E7: Jesus was the OG libertarian”

S4 E6: The Sisterhood of Motherhood

main idea: how we support one another and why. How collaborative approaches foster a sense of community and create villages for our kids. However rewarding, being a mom can at times feel overwhelming. Kids don’t come with instructions, but they do each come with their own unique and individual personalities. Navigating parenting challenges can atContinue reading “S4 E6: The Sisterhood of Motherhood”