S2 E7: Do You Really Get What You Pay For? Student Loan ROI

Main Idea: Are student loans worth the investment? Should the government be in this conversation? What’s your career path and would you actually need college to do this? It’s a pretty common story in this day and age. Kids graduating high school with the expectation is that they will go to college and get aContinue reading “S2 E7: Do You Really Get What You Pay For? Student Loan ROI”

S2 E6: Let Grandma Starve

Main idea: When we’re in crisis, we cry out for government. We’ve been taught to do just that in a cycle that benefits only those in power. Rarely those in need. Social Security and how we’re never gonna see that money. “Benefit” and other euphemisms for how social security fucks us. Even former Texas GovernorContinue reading “S2 E6: Let Grandma Starve”

S2 E5: Candy and Cuss Words

Main Topic: Cussing in front of your kids: yay or nay? Subtopic: Valentine’s messages and the use of words for good or evil. It’s almost Valentine’s Day and the GenXer in Kasie wants to reject the Hallmark Holiday on principle.  According to this link science says it’s perfectly okay to swear in front of children. Continue reading “S2 E5: Candy and Cuss Words”

S2 E4: Lemonade Stands and Liberty Part 2: Taxes Kill Business

Main Idea: Taxes on the self employed discourage entrepreneurship and try to force us all into corporate control mechanisms; health insurance tied employment, retirement savings tied to employment encourage dependence on corporate entities instead of entrepreneurial ventures and creativity, Last week, we talked about how licensing laws and ordinances impede entry into the market forContinue reading “S2 E4: Lemonade Stands and Liberty Part 2: Taxes Kill Business”

S2 E3: Lemonade Stands & Liberty

On January 30, 2021 @ 6:30 p.m. Livestream via Streamyard to YouTube, the Libertarian Moms took on all those grown-ups looking to regulate lemonade stands. Cuz, seriously? Topic: Kids getting policed for not having a business license It started with a meme. As Libertarians, we know the best way for government to help business isContinue reading “S2 E3: Lemonade Stands & Liberty”

S2 E2: The Crisis Cycle

January 22, 2021 @ 6:30 p.m. Livestream via Streamyard to YouTube The Crisis cycle: what happened, who’s to blame, further investigations, how to talk to your kids — the media-infused Model for our ongoing outrage and disquiet. Legit, just Google “the crisis cycle” and you’ll get where we’re going with this. Many of us operateContinue reading “S2 E2: The Crisis Cycle”

S2 E1: “A” is for Accountability

Season 2 Episode 1 broadcast live at 6:30(ish) on Saturday, January 16th. Examination of last week’s insurrection in context with the BLM / Portland conversation where it was okay to destroy fed property then, why not now? Kasie’s hypocrisy on this and grappling with whether we need to “remove” the President for being a dick.Continue reading “S2 E1: “A” is for Accountability”

Episode 15: Eventually You Lose

Main idea: Losing with dignity is part of playing the game.  Who we are: Kasie, daughter Hollie is 12 and she watched an entire room of drunk adults lose their shit over the Clemson game Saturday night. Jessica, I’m in Greenville and have two sons Jackson (12) and Caldwell (8) Melissa, I’m in the LowcountryContinue reading “Episode 15: Eventually You Lose”

Episode 14: Monsters Under My Bed (and in my head) Part 1

Main idea: The importance of supporting one another through mental health challenges. Who we are: I’m Kasie, I’m in Columbia. I’m homeschooling my daughter (age 12). Alex, in the Low Country parenting a little man (18 months) earned 30% of the vote in a State House race. I’m Melissa in the Low Country, 3 kidsContinue reading “Episode 14: Monsters Under My Bed (and in my head) Part 1”

Episode 13: Immigrants. We get the job done.

Main idea: How Immigration helped free and build a nation Who we are: I’m Kasie, I’m in Columbia I’m homeschooling my daughter (age 12). I’m Jessica. I live in the Upstate of South Carolina, and I have two boys, 6th and 3rd grade. Both of my kids are completely obsessed with Hamilton (the musical) andContinue reading “Episode 13: Immigrants. We get the job done.”