S5 E1: What we learned from campaigning

S5 Ep 1: Get in the Game pt 2- Post Campaign episode. What we learned. 

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We spent last summer and fall campaigning for statewide office. What did we learn? 

Earned media is more valuable than paid media. But both are hard to get.

Branding matters for consistency and professionalism. BUT great branding can’t cover up bad positions. And no by needs that many palm cards, handouts, banners, and other suchness. We need metrics for realistic purchases of these kinds of materials.

What are the relevant milestones? Do we now know what to expect in engagement on social media, event attendance, etc? What are unrealistic expectations for engagement or attention?

What do voters care about? How do you earn their trust enough to be able to ask them?

Photo by Centre for Ageing Better on Pexels.com

What did we learn crafting positions on all these topics?

How much support (money, volunteers, media coverage) do we need?

If someone is thinking about running for office, why would you tell them NOT to? Why would you tell them they should?

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