S4 E11: Get in the Game!

main idea: What it’s like becoming a candidate

So it’s been a while since we did a live show and that’s because some crazy shit has gone down in the last few weeks. We went to the Libertarian Party national convention in Reno (Kasie and Jess and Melissa’s husband) which was kind of a shit show and then we all had covid. Well, again, Kasie and Jess. Then, fresh off covid, we had our South Carolina state convention to nominate candidates for political office in this state and lo and behold Jessica Ethridge was nominated to run for Lieutenant Governor on a ticket with journeyman candidate Morgan Bruce Reeves who was looking for a political home and seems to have finally found it with the SCLP. Congrats to Dr. Reeves and Jessica.

Check out their website here!

In addition, our own journeyman candidate, Melissa Couture, is throwing her hat int he ring for school board which is a race she didn’t need state party approval for, but is not her first time on the ballot. So congrats, Melissa.

This episode we talk to both Jess and Melissa about being candidates, taking the LP message forward, fighting off the stigma of national LP bullshit and finding balance between work, family, and public service.

We also talk about elections as voluntary service to your community, not launchpads for international stardom and riches.

We talk about the real issues facing voters in our state and how we keep being distracted by the bull shit distracting us from solving real problems as community participants.

Finally, we’ll touch on some of the anticipated learning we expect our campaigns will bring and we can circle back to these fears in December.

Hashtags: #parenting #parentingporcupines #libertarian #libertarianmoms #libertarianparents #libertarianparenting #momlife #momtourage

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