S2 E14: Monsters Under My Bed (and in My Head): Part 3 – Grief & Justice

Main idea: Grief is part of life, and part of growing up. Recognizing the challenge it poses for our kids is just one of our jobs as moms. Link to the podcast It is a fact of life that we will all experience loss in our lives. Loss of loved ones to death, loss ofContinue reading “S2 E14: Monsters Under My Bed (and in My Head): Part 3 – Grief & Justice”

S2 E13: Boys will be boys #1 – Consent

Main idea: We are living in an age where the word “consent” is introduced early. That’s a good thing. Link to the podcast So, Hollie’s attending Girls Rock Camp again this summer (hopefully) for the fifth year. Her first year she heard the word “consent.” She was nine. And, yes, it was in the contextContinue reading “S2 E13: Boys will be boys #1 – Consent”

S2 E12: There is No Rubric: Becoming a Parent Without Clear Examples

Main Idea: We all want to be “good” parents but how do we know what that means? Link to the podcast Tonight we take on all those insecurities in modern parenthood. Namely: How do you know that you are doing a decent job? Well adjusted, kind, respectful, positive feedback from others.  Do you find yourselfContinue reading “S2 E12: There is No Rubric: Becoming a Parent Without Clear Examples”

S2 E11: Let Go & Let Grow

Main idea: Free range parenting is the style we grew up with. So why are people so scadalized by it? Link to podcast. From “experiments in independence” to “gross negligence” there are a LOT of ways to see so-called “free range parenting.” In this article for NPR, a certain mom pushes back against haters byContinue reading “S2 E11: Let Go & Let Grow”

S2 E10: The Monsters Under My Bed (and in my head) Part 2

Main Topic: a discussion around supporting our children’s mental health Link to the podcast. In Season 1, Episode 14, we covered the first part of this conversation which focused on the need for open discussion about Mental Health. If you haven’t watched it you can watch it here. Equally important a discussion is one about howContinue reading “S2 E10: The Monsters Under My Bed (and in my head) Part 2”

S2 E9: Meanest Mom in the Neighborhood

Main Idea: You’re not their friend. You’re their mom. Do the hard work of parenting. Link to the podcast When Hollie was little, I used to send kids home when they asked for food. They could have water and they had to drink it in the kitchen. Sometimes I made popcorn. But they had toContinue reading “S2 E9: Meanest Mom in the Neighborhood”

S2 E8: Hey, you kids get off my lawn!

Main Idea: Property rights are complicated. How do you navigate them? How do you explain them to kids? Link to the podcast All right, in the first place, we think of this as “Don’t hurt people. Don’t take their stuff.” And we think about “stuff” as including property. After all, the founding fathers wanted “life,Continue reading “S2 E8: Hey, you kids get off my lawn!”

S2 E7: Do You Really Get What You Pay For? Student Loan ROI

Main Idea: Are student loans worth the investment? Should the government be in this conversation? What’s your career path and would you actually need college to do this? Link to podcast It’s a pretty common story in this day and age. Kids graduating high school with the expectation is that they will go to collegeContinue reading “S2 E7: Do You Really Get What You Pay For? Student Loan ROI”

S2 E6: Let Grandma Starve

Main idea: When we’re in crisis, we cry out for government. We’ve been taught to do just that in a cycle that benefits only those in power. Rarely those in need. Link to the podcast Social Security and how we’re never gonna see that money. “Benefit” and other euphemisms for how social security fucks us.Continue reading “S2 E6: Let Grandma Starve”

S2 E5: Candy and Cuss Words

Main Topic: Cussing in front of your kids: yay or nay? Subtopic: Valentine’s messages and the use of words for good or evil. Link to the podcast. It’s almost Valentine’s Day and the GenXer in Kasie wants to reject the Hallmark Holiday on principle.  According to this link science says it’s perfectly okay to swearContinue reading “S2 E5: Candy and Cuss Words”