S4 E9: Social Media Hysteria is becoming the new American pastime

Main idea: people being outraged over Elon is just another turn on the hysteria cycle In Season 2, episode 2, way back in January 2021 – holy cow! – we talked about the Crisis Cycle and the way the media has trained us (like monkeys) to get hysterical about specific things for specific reasons. TheContinue reading “S4 E9: Social Media Hysteria is becoming the new American pastime”

S4 E7: Jesus was the OG libertarian

main idea: the teachings of love, self- and social-responsibility, rejection of authority, and individual rights are all New Testament Biblical Growing up many of us were taught that there are three things you don’t discuss in mixed company: 1. Politics, 2. Religion, and 3. Football. Living in the Social Media age, those are no longerContinue reading “S4 E7: Jesus was the OG libertarian”

S4 E6: The Sisterhood of Motherhood

main idea: how we support one another and why. How collaborative approaches foster a sense of community and create villages for our kids. However rewarding, being a mom can at times feel overwhelming. Kids don’t come with instructions, but they do each come with their own unique and individual personalities. Navigating parenting challenges can atContinue reading “S4 E6: The Sisterhood of Motherhood”

S4 E5: Founding Motherhood

main idea: spinoff of the “Founding Fatherhood” series. Discussion about women’s roles in the American Revolution As we were planning our episodes to celebrate Women’s History Month we wanted to devote one episode to our “Founding Mothers”. We hear a lot about the Founding Fathers, but we usually do not hear about the women whoContinue reading “S4 E5: Founding Motherhood”

S4 E1 Gender Inequality and the Pay Gap

Main idea: Women earn less than men, right? Who’s to blame and what should be done about it? During our time off Jessica made an appearance on “Mr. ‘Murica, The Bearded Truth” with Jason Lyon over on Muddied Waters Media to have a discussion about empowering women. It was a pretty lively conversation, touching onContinue reading “S4 E1 Gender Inequality and the Pay Gap”

S3E13: Superhero Halloween Special

Main idea: superheroes are libertarians My (Kasie) family started brainstorming yesterday when I told them we were going to do a Halloween special on Super Heroes. It’s also Soda City ComiCon day in Columbia, so this topic feels right on time.  What we came up with: Superheroes are vigilantes — they don’t trust the establishedContinue reading “S3E13: Superhero Halloween Special”

S3E7 Founding Fatherhood part 2 Rewriting History

main idea: How to teach children the truth (good and bad) about our founding fathers, and how to teach them about Liberty.  If you have never heard the story about how Kasie and Jessica became friends, here is the Cliff’s Notes version: The two embarked upon the journey that was the 2020 Libertarian Party NationalContinue reading “S3E7 Founding Fatherhood part 2 Rewriting History”

Episode 13: Immigrants. We get the job done.

Main idea: How Immigration helped free and build a nation Who we are: I’m Kasie, I’m in Columbia I’m homeschooling my daughter (age 12). I’m Jessica. I live in the Upstate of South Carolina, and I have two boys, 6th and 3rd grade. Both of my kids are completely obsessed with Hamilton (the musical) andContinue reading “Episode 13: Immigrants. We get the job done.”

Episode 8: Cancel Culture & Voluntary Association (Part 1)

Main idea: The difference between Cancel Culture and Voluntary Association Who we are I’m Kasie, I’m in Columbia and my daughter is 12 I’m Jessica. I live in the Upstate of South Carolina, and I have two boys, 6th and 6rd grade.  The purpose and scope of the episode-  A timely discussion about how cancelContinue reading “Episode 8: Cancel Culture & Voluntary Association (Part 1)”

Episode 3: Crayons, Coloring Books, and Colorblind Parenting

Kasie, Jessica, Melissa, and Alex get a little sloshy and talk racism. #NoKarens Here are the show notes: Main Idea: Talking to kids about racism, and why it is important to do so The purpose and scope of the podcast What they can expect in each episode Who we are (Name, location, something about youContinue reading “Episode 3: Crayons, Coloring Books, and Colorblind Parenting”