S2 E4: Lemonade Stands and Liberty Part 2: Taxes Kill Business

Main Idea: Taxes on the self employed discourage entrepreneurship and try to force us all into corporate control mechanisms; health insurance tied employment, retirement savings tied to employment encourage dependence on corporate entities instead of entrepreneurial ventures and creativity, Link to the podcast Last week, we talked about how licensing laws and ordinances impede entryContinue reading “S2 E4: Lemonade Stands and Liberty Part 2: Taxes Kill Business”

S2 E3: Lemonade Stands & Liberty

On January 30, 2021 @ 6:30 p.m. Livestream via Streamyard to YouTube, the Libertarian Moms took on all those grown-ups looking to regulate lemonade stands. Cuz, seriously? Topic: Kids getting policed for not having a business license Link to the podcast It started with a meme. As Libertarians, we know the best way for governmentContinue reading “S2 E3: Lemonade Stands & Liberty”