S3E1 Crayons, Coloring Books, and Colorblind Parenting pt 2

“Love is Blind” with guest Ashley Shade Notes: Approaches to the discussion of LGBT issues- “Coming Out” and the conversations around gender identity, queerness and one’s own orientation; how young? What should they know and when? (Pt 1 in S1Ep3) As we kick off Season 3 in the middle of Pride Month we thought itContinue reading “S3E1 Crayons, Coloring Books, and Colorblind Parenting pt 2”

S2 E10: The Monsters Under My Bed (and in my head) Part 2

Main Topic: a discussion around supporting our children’s mental health In Season 1, Episode 14, we covered the first part of this conversation which focused on the need for open discussion about Mental Health. If you haven’t watched it you can watch it here. Equally important a discussion is one about how we support our childrenContinue reading “S2 E10: The Monsters Under My Bed (and in my head) Part 2”

S2 E5: Candy and Cuss Words

Main Topic: Cussing in front of your kids: yay or nay? Subtopic: Valentine’s messages and the use of words for good or evil. It’s almost Valentine’s Day and the GenXer in Kasie wants to reject the Hallmark Holiday on principle.  According to this link science says it’s perfectly okay to swear in front of children. Continue reading “S2 E5: Candy and Cuss Words”

S2 E3: Lemonade Stands & Liberty

On January 30, 2021 @ 6:30 p.m. Livestream via Streamyard to YouTube, the Libertarian Moms took on all those grown-ups looking to regulate lemonade stands. Cuz, seriously? Topic: Kids getting policed for not having a business license It started with a meme. As Libertarians, we know the best way for government to help business isContinue reading “S2 E3: Lemonade Stands & Liberty”

S2 E1: “A” is for Accountability

Season 2 Episode 1 broadcast live at 6:30(ish) on Saturday, January 16th. Examination of last week’s insurrection in context with the BLM / Portland conversation where it was okay to destroy fed property then, why not now? Kasie’s hypocrisy on this and grappling with whether we need to “remove” the President for being a dick.Continue reading “S2 E1: “A” is for Accountability”