S3E4: Don’t Violate My NAP part 2 — Discipline

main idea: How do we enforce accountability without being irrational? Are your kids more or less willing to do what you ask of them? (Pt 1 in S1Ep4)

Our first episode in the Don’t Violate my NAP was on bullying. You can find it here.

This time, we’re talking about discipline. 

How and when do you discipline your kids?

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Something that gets everybody weighing in — how do I discipline my child? Let’s start with why.

  • Why do we discipline? (from this blog)
    • To grow responsible adults
    • Help them manage anxiety — they don’t want to be in charge, freedom is overwhelming
    • Encourage good choices and build decision-making skills
    • Teach kids to manage their own emotions
    • Keep kids safe — the “not yours” vs. “no!” strategy

More on the why here.

Now that we’ve covered the why can we get to the how?

This blog has 10 strategies that work (or your money back 😉

  • Show and tell: Model behaviors you would like to see in your children.
  • Set limits: Have clear and consistent rules your children can follow.
  • Give consequences: Be prepared to follow through right away.
  • Hear them out: Talk with your child about this rather than just giving consequences.
  • Give them your attention: All children want their parent’s attention.
  • Catch them being good: Be specific and brag to others where they can hear.
  • Know when not to respond: Ignoring bad behavior can put an end to it — true or false?
  • Be prepared for trouble: Prepare them for how you want them to behave.
  • Redirect bad behavior: Find something else for your child to do.
  • Call a time-out — the time-out vs. “benched”

Can you distinguish between consequences and punishment?

What’s your take on spanking? The same link as above takes an aggressive anti-spanking stance. Was it how you were raised? Did you keep it? Why or why not?Kasie — I’m the grown up. I have to control my emotions. Spanking was an impulse when I was so frustrated, so angry, I didn’t know how else to communicate. And that’s on me. Not Hollie.

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