S3E3: Crayons, Coloring Books, and Colorblind Parenting pt 3

The Libertarian Moms wrap up Pride month 2021 with an honest conversation about how aware of our LGBTQ+ community we have been, are, and will be.

What was your first experience with an LGBTQ+ individual? Did your parents talk to you about them?

What do your kids ask about in regards to LGBTQ+ community? Have you discussed the community in your family?

Kasie’s family is flying their Pride flag all month on the front of the house and her daughter, Hollie (13) wanted to make sure we mentioned normalizing LGBTQ+ and that might mean by not having “the talk” about it, but simply accepting individuals for who they are.

We recapped a little of S3E1 with Ashley Shade in terms of “being gay is about who you love, being trans is about who you are,” and some other key learning we got out of that episode.

We’d hoped to visit with AJ Campbell. AJ is a fierce Libertarian, serving as the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Tennessee, and she is also a badass mom of a Trans son. But internet connectivity was spotty so we’re going to have a special recorded episode with her so we can edit out any connectivity problems and create a seamless show.

Talking to our kids about their concerns for friends’ safety, about the feelings they might have during puberty for others, and the choices they’ll make related to standing up for friends and standing against bigotry, overall we just talked about how much we believe in Love is Love and are proud to have celebrated Pride this month.

Thanks for supporting the show!

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