S3E2: Founding Fatherhood Part 1

In honor of Father’s Day we thought it would be nice to bring on some of our favorite Dads this week to discuss fatherhood, and the importance of father figures in raising liberty-minded kids. Our guests are:

Jason Lyon, also known as “Mr. Murica”, host of The Bearded Truth on Muddied Waters Media. Jason has  participated in many activism opportunities, worked as a grass-roots director at a large liberty-leaning think tank, and is the father to two precious girls. 

You already know Casey Crowe from prior episodes. He’s the chair of the Lexington County LP and member of the state party’s IT committee. Casey is yin to our yang, and always a voice of reason. Using his steady hand and calming demeanor to raise his own little porcupine. 

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

What is the role of dads in raising free and liberty-minded children?

Defining the “Traditional” roles

  • Operational: dads work outside the home, provide financial support; moms are domestic workers completing laundry, cooking, and other household chores. Does your home look like that? Who does groceries? Who cooks? Who pays bills?
  • Emotional: dads are disciplinarians, set and enforce expectations; moms are the cuddlers, the boo-boo soothers. Does your home look like that? Who helps with homework? Levies punishment? Is the “fun” parent?

Navigating Disagreements

As Libertarians, we tend to be NAP households. (Don’t hurt people, don’t take their stuff.) 

  • How does that manifest in your house? 
  • Are there cooling off periods? 
  • Are there rules around how and when you discuss disagreements? 
  • Do the kids have visibility to them? Why or why not? 

Demonstrating Libertarian Principles in parenting and spousal interactions

Aside from the NAP, we’ve talked about free range parenting and other approaches to recognizing the individual liberty of each of our children.

  • What are some examples of liberty in your house?
  • Do you talk politics or party ideas with your kids? What does that sound like?
  • How is your approach to fathering/parenting the same or different from your non-libertarian friends? Or is it? 

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