S3E4: Don’t Violate My NAP part 2 — Discipline

main idea: How do we enforce accountability without being irrational? Are your kids more or less willing to do what you ask of them? (Pt 1 in S1Ep4) Our first episode in the Don’t Violate my NAP was on bullying. You can find it here. This time, we’re talking about discipline.  How and when doContinue reading “S3E4: Don’t Violate My NAP part 2 — Discipline”

S2 E9: Meanest Mom in the Neighborhood

Main Idea: You’re not their friend. You’re their mom. Do the hard work of parenting. Link to the podcast When Hollie was little, I used to send kids home when they asked for food. They could have water and they had to drink it in the kitchen. Sometimes I made popcorn. But they had toContinue reading “S2 E9: Meanest Mom in the Neighborhood”