S2 E1: “A” is for Accountability

Season 2 Episode 1 broadcast live at 6:30(ish) on Saturday, January 16th.

Examination of last week’s insurrection in context with the BLM / Portland conversation where it was okay to destroy fed property then, why not now? Kasie’s hypocrisy on this and grappling with whether we need to “remove” the President for being a dick.

How did this happen?

How do we contextualize it?

Who’s to blame?

Is this even a blame thing?

How is this like Portland? How is it different? 

What about those symbols of hate? Who do those people represent?

How did we talk to our kids about it?

This was our first live stream on a Saturday evening and … well, let’s just say we (Kasie) could use a little more practice at reading her co-hosts cues. So Episode 2 should be more polished. We hope. Thanks for hanging, for watching, and for supporting us.

Like, subscribe, share, and leave a comment to let us know what you’d like to see from Parenting Porcupines this season. Here are some ideas we’re kicking around:

  • Gender — disparity, pay gap, identity, fluidity, and “boys will be boys”
  • Social media — and children, strangers’ access to our lives, what to share and what to keep to your damn self
  • Mental health — and kids’ including vocabulary, seeking help, choosing medicine, and signs of struggle
  • Arts & Humanities — what kids are reading, watching, attending, practicing, and learning about arts and expression

And coming up in Episode 2: The Crisis Cycle

Are we victims of a media driven by clicks, ratings, and competition? Is there a formula for identifying, explaining, and broadcasting crisis? Of course there is.

See you at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, January 23rd.

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