S4 E6: The Sisterhood of Motherhood

main idea: how we support one another and why. How collaborative approaches foster a sense of community and create villages for our kids.

However rewarding, being a mom can at times feel overwhelming. Kids don’t come with instructions, but they do each come with their own unique and individual personalities. Navigating parenting challenges can at times seem nearly impossible and even more lonely, but as the Turkish Proverb goes- “No road is long with good company.” With that in mind, the idea behind tonight’s episode was born.

Support for one another:

  • What do we mean when we say “support one another”
  • Have you been supported by other moms, and how?
    • Kasie – my best friend Jessica had a daughter almost 10 years before me so I go to her for almost everything: “Is this normal?” I haven’t always been great at supporting others. I am working on making myself more available and making time to reach out and connect.  

Provides support for our children: Supporting one another creates a network by which we can better support our children.

  • “Indirect support” can create an environment where a mother is encouraged and empowered by other moms, which can have a positive impact on the mental health of the mother. What are some examples of indirect support you have received? 
    • Melissa – I’m a member of a few parenting FB groups. They can give you reassurance that you are not the crazy one. Especially when you are trying to do things differently than everyone else. I.E. limits on screen time, free-range, home/un schooling.
    • Kasie – our neighborhood moms have a good amount of dialogue around schools, teachers, activities, and other suchness. Sharing the things we learn and hear and know gives us a wider (longer?) list of possibilities for our kids.
  • “Direct support” creates an environment whereby “the village” has a more constant and visible role in the childrens’ lives.  Examples may be friends and family who actively participate in the lives of the children, providing role models and reinforcement. What are some examples of direct support you have received?
    • Kasie – we have coaches and dance instructors (hired help?) but also neighbors who have a sense of who Hollie is and what she’s good at and what our values are. My mom and sister are influential in H’s life, too.
    • Melissa – My mom and Grandmother take my kids for sleepovers quite often. When #3 was born my MIL stayed at my house for 3 months to watch her while I adjusted and went back to work.
Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

– How do you build your village? 

– How do you  invest in your “village”? 

– How does this support/encourage us to live the message of liberty? 

  • Kasie – we built our village with Friday afternoons on the driveway. We invited neighbors over to join us and they became our network. It’s a valuable activity to invest in friends and spend time with them. Our monthly SCLP meetings I LOVE for Hollie to come so she can get to know ya’ll and Casey Crowe and we saw Victor at Beef’s on St Patrick’s Day and she greeted him like an old pal. 

It is easy to get wrapped up in the neverending day-to-day hustle and bustle, but building and investing in your village is absolutely one of the most beneficial things we can do for ourselves and our children.

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