S3E11: Back to School – Shit Show that it is

Main idea: Schools are forcing us into compliance because they are the machines of compliance and it’s the only thing they know how to do. Ironic, huh? Most districts have been back at school for nearly two months now.  Are your kids in-person or virtual, and what has the experience been like so far? HowContinue reading “S3E11: Back to School – Shit Show that it is”

S3E7 Founding Fatherhood part 2 Rewriting History

main idea: How to teach children the truth (good and bad) about our founding fathers, and how to teach them about Liberty.  If you have never heard the story about how Kasie and Jessica became friends, here is the Cliff’s Notes version: The two embarked upon the journey that was the 2020 Libertarian Party NationalContinue reading “S3E7 Founding Fatherhood part 2 Rewriting History”