S3E13: Superhero Halloween Special

Main idea: superheroes are libertarians

My (Kasie) family started brainstorming yesterday when I told them we were going to do a Halloween special on Super Heroes. It’s also Soda City ComiCon day in Columbia, so this topic feels right on time. 

What we came up with:

  • Superheroes are vigilantes — they don’t trust the established authority (police, politicians) to protect the public or private property
  • Superheroes obey the NAP — they only intervene when people are being hurt or stuff is being taken; most prefer to not kill the bad guy, but to simply end the offensive behavior
  • Superheroes are volunteers — there are some millionaires among them, but none are compensated for the work they do in public
  • Superheroes are for free markets — if the public wants their service, they’ll provide it; and if someone else can do it better than them, they’ll get out of the way

Some challenges — Superheroes don’t often have to take personal responsibility for their mistakes (see destroyed city building facades); some can be elitist — sort of the flip side of that free market conversation — think The Incredibles where there’s this sense that heroism should be reserved for people with powers

So do your families get into Superheroes? Like scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being “we are vaguely aware that superheroes exist but aren’t sure how there’s not magic involved?” and 10 being “we have Thanksgiving family drama because some of our clan prefers D.C. to Marvel.”

Who doesn’t want badass red boots like these? I mean, COME. ON. | Photo by Roy Reyna on Pexels.com

Superheroes (and the escapism therein) made a strong comeback after 9/11. See our 9/11 episode here. There’s a sense that maybe GenX and our kids needed some reassurance that there was good and justice in the world.

What do you think of removing “the American way” from Superman’s tagline? Should Superheroes be patriotic? Are they quintessentially American? 

Halloween last remarks. Would you rather:

  • Trick or Treat on a Sunday (school night) or Saturday?
  • Masked up or trust the outdoors and distancing?
  • Boozy parents meet-up, too or let the kids have their night?
  • Walk with the kids or stay home and hand out candy?
  • Steal your own kids’ candy or throw out half of it without them knowing?
  • Hold some of what you plan to give back for later or go for broke to avoid temptation?
  • Scary costume or funny/clever?

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