S3E12: Boys will be Boys pt 2

main idea: using this phrase to excuse inappropriate behavior we are telling our kids that personal responsibility and accountability vary by gender, and that one gender has some right to be toxic simply for being that gender In Season 2 Ep 13 we discussed the topic of consent in what was the first episode ofContinue reading “S3E12: Boys will be Boys pt 2”

S2 E13: Boys will be boys #1 – Consent

Main idea: We are living in an age where the word “consent” is introduced early. That’s a good thing. Link to the podcast So, Hollie’s attending Girls Rock Camp again this summer (hopefully) for the fifth year. Her first year she heard the word “consent.” She was nine. And, yes, it was in the contextContinue reading “S2 E13: Boys will be boys #1 – Consent”