S2 E12: There is No Rubric: Becoming a Parent Without Clear Examples

Main Idea: We all want to be “good” parents but how do we know what that means?

Are you a good mom? Who’s judging? What’s the criteria?

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Tonight we take on all those insecurities in modern parenthood. Namely: How do you know that you are doing a decent job? Well adjusted, kind, respectful, positive feedback from others. 

Do you find yourself trying to model your children’s childhood experiences after your own? We are not our children’s tour guide through life. Are we using our parents’ strategies/styles? 

Do you consider your parents role models in how you raise your kids? We all take things from our parents. 

Do you have a vision for the kind of parent you want to be? The vision is less “what kind of parent do I want to be” and more “ Who do I want her to be, and what can I do to build my child up”. 

Do your wishes drive you to push your kids into extra-curriculars?

Are those visions determined by your kid’s specific needs?

Did the LP influence your parenting? If so, how? Having like-minded peers who support your ideals and principles. 

As a family unit how are you function? Is a more important conversation than “are you a good mom”

In the end, it’s our kids’ success that determines whether or not we were good parents. True or false? When do we say the people we know — our siblings? — are not our parents’ fault? But the result of their own choices? 

Can we, as parents, take responsibility for our kids misbehaving? Should we? How about accepting responsibility for their social or political views? 

How can we possibly know what to do without patching together a network of experts, instructions, peer pressure, and instinct?

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