S2 E6: Let Grandma Starve

Main idea: When we’re in crisis, we cry out for government. We’ve been taught to do just that in a cycle that benefits only those in power. Rarely those in need.

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Social Security and how we’re never gonna see that money. “Benefit” and other euphemisms for how social security fucks us.

Even former Texas Governor Rick Perry called it a ponzi scheme. So it’s not that hard to understand. Here’s the basics of how it works:

Current workers pay, former workers accept the money.

BUT a ponzi scheme is illegal and if the government does it, it’s not illegal. Great logic, right? (link)

But the bigger question, and one for which Social Security is just a single example, is “What is government’s role?”

Libertarians are known for wanting government to have little (NO right, Jess?) role in civic life. We have anarchists in our midst. We believe humans will collaborate to care for one another and organize a fair and just society without the interference of arbitrary power structures like government.

That said, our new media is on fire with stories of Ted Cruz abdicating his throne as king of Texas. Oh, wait, he’s the Senator. One of two. A state’s representative to the federal governing body. He has no power in Texas. Be gone, Ted, before someone drops a house on you.

Why is everyone so pissed at him? It’s not like he can actually save Texas from snow.

Not even Elsa could save Texas from snow.

The failures in Texas are all state government- and regulator-caused.

Does our news media not know Ted Cruz has no power in Texas?

Who doesn’t know that Ted Cruz couldn’t have fixed the snow storm?

This seems as easy to understand as “social security is a ponzi scheme” but maybe we just know more than the average citizen. Or reporter. Or news editor.

So let’s get at this thing:

Why do people think government can solve everything? Because government tells them it can.

Why do people wait for government to fix their circumstances? Because government tells them it will.

Why do we blame each other when it’s government’s fault that processes slow down, systems get corrupted, and shit doesn’t get done? Because government doesn’t take blame. Ever. They have no accountability.

And let’s be clear about the institutions that are supposed to provide accountability — voters, the media — are failing to do so.

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