Episode 9: You Started It – Who’s to blame for cancel culture?

Main idea: How we’ve become an entire society that doesn’t know how to take responsibility for ourselves.

We started with cancel culture and ended with taking responsibility for oneself. Check out the latest.
  • Who we are:
    • I’m Kasie, I’m in Columbia and my daughter is 12
    • I’m Jessica. I live in the Upstate of South Carolina, and I have two boys, 6th and 6rd grade. 
    • I’m Melissa in the lowcountry, 3 kids in elementary school
    • I’m Alex also in the lowcountry with a 1 year-and1-month little man
  • The purpose and scope of the episode- 
    • How do we teach our kids their actions have consequences when it seems everyone wants to blame someone else for everything?
  • Today’s topic: 
    • Do your kids know what cancel culture is?:
      • When they don’t want to play with someone who is being a jerk, they should walk away; when others won’t play with them, they should stop being jerks.
      • Don’t be an asshole. Just because you can be, doesn’t mean you should be.
      • Grace and truth as a spectrum: treat each instance with the appropriate amount of grace and the appropriate amount of truth
    • Cancel culture is not new; social media exacerbates it. Who’s to blame?
      • Millennials who have never been punched in the face for saying something.
        • Who want everything to be fair.
        • Who expect someone else will solve their problems and take care of them.
        • The result of a failed parenting strategy that tried to protect them from everything.
      • GenX who hasn’t stepped up to lead. 
        • Cynicism and snark are not leadership.
        • Being squeezed out because they don’t give a damn.
      • Baby Boomers who won’t take responsibility for the shitshow they have created.
        • Who trade in thinly veiled racism
        • Who amass power and refuse to relinquish it
        • Who make policy and legislation that erode our civil liberties
    • What can we do about it?
      • Teach your kids to resist blaming others
      • Help them see that there are real consequences for their actions
      • Model grace — forgiveness — and truth in all circumstances
      • Stop expecting to be offended by everything.
  • Coming up on the next episode: 
    • Personal Truth, Political Truth, and Objective Truth: Why we stopped thinking critically about the “truth” being put before us.
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  • Thanks and goodbye

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