Episode 7: The Monopoly Effect

Charity is voluntary, and taxation is theft

Main idea: Taxation is to blame for the nanny-state mentality we have in this country. Even without compulsory funding, social needs would still be met.

Episode 7 of Parenting Porcupines takes on the idea that charity can solve social ills while government just makes them worse.
  • Who we are:
    • I’m Kasie, I’m in Columbia and my daughter is 12. We just named our home school Porcupine Prep
    • I’m Jessica. I live in the Upstate of South Carolina, and I have two boys. 
    • I’m Alex. Our little Perry is just one
    • I’m Melissa – Mother of 3 in the Lowcountry. 5th grade son and 2 daughters (K & 2nd grade).
  • The purpose and scope of the podcast- 
    • In talking about school options last week, we brought up the allocation of property taxes to schools and decided this week we’d dig in. This podcast’s purpose is to bring Libertarian principles home and teach our children where we stand and how to think critically about the issues that affect them (like taxes).
  • Today’s topic: Charity is voluntary and taxation is theft
    • What are you teaching your kids about charity?
    • Has the phrase “taxation is theft” made it into your home?
    • Jess’s story of her boys playing Monopoly
    • Kasie is a lecturer at the business school, so we talk A LOT about policies that affect businesses
      • Entrepreneurism and the free market approach to solving problems
      • The free market provides — school “camp” examples
    •  How taxation feeds the entitlement mentality that is rampant in our culture
      • People want government to take care of them — respond to the COVID
      • People think government should be telling them what to do — ordinances, mandates confused as “leadership”
        • Schooling “pods” will have to register as child care facilities with SC DSS  (link)
        • City Council passed a No More Warning for masks ON THE STREET!!! $100 fine, $200 for second and $500 each time after that (link)
      • People think government should provide a “safety net” — unemployment, etc. 
      • Stupid shit like, “healthcare is right,” are fueled by the FICA deductions people see in their checks — “where is my money going?”
        • They see there is a problem (i.e. cost of healthcare) and since they have been told it’s a free market they think the answer is socialism
    • If we weren’t being taxed, what services would we collaborate to develop and implement? Are we confident — and if so, why? — that social services, social needs would be met by the free market?
  • Coming up on the next episode: 
    • Cancel Culture and Freedom of Speech
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  • Thanks and goodbye

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