Episode 5: Applesauce & Anarchy

Main idea: Teaching children the importance of respecting others’ rights even when we don’t agree with their words, actions, or behavior

  • Parenting Porcupines is: funny mom stories, common experiences, and honest conversations about how our Libertarian principles play a role in our parenting
  • Who we are:
    • I’m Kasie, I’m in Columbia and I don’t understand why people were not outraged that the federal government sent troops into Portland to confront protesters. 
    • I’m Jessica, and I live in the Upstate of SC. 
  • Today’s topic: By the People, for the People
    • Beginning anecdote — Jessica’s husband’s family member on Facebook
    • Kasie: Charlie and I were debating this vehemently last night. He does not support the right to riot, destroy or deface federal property and he thinks the feds can and should intervene if the local authority isn’t preventing destruction. 
    • Helping the kids understand “all the rights all the time” when we don’t agree with what others are doing.
    • What recourse is available to us?
      • We can confront — verbally — our citizens and neighbors about their destruction
        • The moms in Portland tried that
        • The veterans who went to Portland tried that
        • Here’s that link to the Muddied Waters of Freedom
    • We can demonstrate non-destructive protest
    • We can respond to the protests by taking action — that’s for the institutes of government that are being protested against. They could RESPOND, right?
    • What actually happens (more often than not):
      • People with authority intervene and repress expression in an effort to avoid violence
      • They meet expression with violence and escalate the situation rather than diffuse it
      • They are better armed, they have the “law” loosely on their side, and they intimidate citizens 
      • Riots are the voice of the unheard — thank you, MLK. So what’s the right way for the government to respond?
  • Coming up on the next episode: probably something related to going back to school or choosing to home school with the options (?) looming.
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