Episode 2: School of Free Thought Part 2

Kasie, Jessica, Melissa, and Alex all get in on the action in this episode about teaching your kids how to think, not what to think. Here are the show notes:

Main idea: The third party protest, swimming against popularity for principle

Parenting Porcupines is Libertarian moms in South Carolina. All rights reserved. contact us @ parentingporcupines@gmail.com
  • The purpose and scope of the podcast
  • What they can expect in each episode
  • Who we are:
    • I’m Kasie, I’m in Columbia, and I am a champion for new causes — I played two sports that were clubs before going varsity (lacrosse and rowing) and I teach entrepreneurship; I’m a sucker for newbies and risk-takers.
    • I’m Jessica, and I live in the Upstate of SC. I am principled and passionate about the things that are important to me. I have never cared enough about popularity to be willing to sacrifice my principles for it. I am also a sucker for shopping, drinking wine, and taking naps. 
    • Alex – an LP candidate in Charleston and mom to 1 yr-old Perry.
    • Melissa – I’m a work from home mom of 3 in the lowcountry. We just finished 4th grade Social Studies which is the founding of the country. My son got an earful after each lesson. 
  • Today’s topic: School of Free Thought Part 2
    • Beginning anecdote — Kasie’s story about Hollie rejecting the Scholastic newspaper for promoting the duopoly in 2016
    • The arguments against the 3rd party (i.e. “wasting” a vote)
      • The parties are private entities and now they’re in control of the government. Rigging the game for their own interests.
    • Helping the kids understand how voting works
      • Mechanics and tactics
        • Jess notes: I take my kids with me every time I vote, and we discuss the candidates and importance of exercising the right
        • KW — Hollie was with me during the Obama vote (chest carrier) but I haven’t taken her since.
    • Fanship and supporting an underdog
      • KW — so we’re Clemson fans and it’s easy to love football when you’re winning. But “winning” in elections is about achievement — when I started voting Libertarian, we didn’t have a Presidential candidate on every ballot. Last election cycle, we did. Incremental improvements are the same as “winning” when we’re trying to build a new political party. And yes, that’s what we’re doing: siphoning off the like-minded people from the existing party to create a new one. And possibly dissolve one of the existing ones.
    • Why winning is subjective and how foundational progress can be to a third party
      • Continuing the work of those who came before us
        • Jess notes: Children as torches reference
    • Why these are Libertarian ideas — if we haven’t covered that already, let’s put it into context for them. Staying with our Libertarian niche will earn more audience than straying from the advertised brand of parenting advice.
  • Coming up on the next episode: Crayons, Coloring Books and Colorblind Parenting

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