Origin Story: Road Trip!

Some of the best ideas I’ve ever had have been born on a road trip. This idea was one of those.

There’s a great t-shirt that says: “That’s a terrible idea. What time?” I often think of it when people pitch me new concepts. Let’s have a show about writing. Done. Let’s talk about entrepreneurship. Done. Maybe we could YouTube or something? Okay.

For years I’ve been creating content and trying to share ideas with like-minded crazies. Then, one weekend in July 2020, I took a road trip with Jessica. Highlight reel:

  • Oh my gosh, I love Hamilton the musical, too.
  • Yes, we think manners matter and teach them to our kids.
  • Teach them how to think, not what to think.
  • Why don’t more parents know this?
  • Pick your battles but have a good reason for taking up the fight.

We talked about live music and Clemson football and jobs and working from home and living for your children versus having your own life. Six hours, 300+ miles, two states and a raging pandemic later and Jessica and I had something really rare: common ground.

Ambition isn’t the ugly, selfish secret people think it is. Sometimes it comes from a place of love. Sometimes it’s about wanting to share this good thing you have with others.

  • let’s start a podcast.
  • let’s start a YouTube channel.
  • let’s name the thing.
  • let’s get on Facebook.
  • let’s get our friends in on this.
  • let’s go home. We’re clearly drunk now.

Over the course of the weekend we spent in Orlando, FL at the Libertarian National Convention in 2020, Jessica and Kasie hatched a plot. We decided we should take out mutual love of Hamilton and turn it into a show about parenting. Wait, what?

Right. It was our mutual appreciation for the principles of libertarianism (lowercase l) and how they had been at work in our lives as moms, as wives, as employees, and community leaders. Our mutual respect for freedom for all people, the pursuit of equality and justice, the love and compassion we bring to every conversation.

We thought other people might be interested in these ideas, too. We thought you might recognize yourselves in us, as we recognized ourselves in each other. Because, really, we’re not alone. A lot of us want freedom (liberty!) for ourselves and our families. And a lot of us encourage our children to be those free, loving, compassionate citizens.

Welcome to the movement. Parenting Porcupines is about the things we learn when we talk and listen. When we ask and share. When we road trip.

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